Monday, August 18, 2008



I have finally added Picasa 2 to my computer and am experimenting with it. Isn't Ellie so precious with her favorite puppy in the world. This was in our back yard yesterday right after church.
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Gifts

Our family time was extended into the weekend because of a sad little mis-hap in the fabulous Wellsville mountains. On Thursday, the day before Dan was to report for his trip to London, he took a little "jog" to the top of the mountain. In true Dan "ROCKMAN" style, he chose to jump jovially like a giant mountain goat down the jagged trail. In true Wellsville form, the trail was completely overgrown hiding any perilous obstacles that lay waiting to trap the happy hiker. As you can see, a rickety rock rioted right up and bit Dan in the ankle. He was sooooooooooo sad to have to call in sick for the first six days of a twelve day trip, ha ha. We celebrated our free weekend with a visit from our good friends the Alldreges. We all went to the beach at Hyrum Dam and played in the water, then had fun grilling hamburgers back at the house. It was a fun day and great to spend time with our friends.

Friday, August 1, 2008

This is Ellie sneaking into daddy's luggage. It was hilarious!
Just so I don't have a bunch of weirdos sneaking into my blog and looking at cute pictures of my darling baby, I decided to block it and only allow people I invite on. If you want to be invited, I guess I just need your e-mail. I hope I did it right. I was tempted to put my e-mail here, but decided if you know me, you can figure it out somehow, you know, call me or drop me an e-mail.