Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finally, a post!!!

Here are my huge babies. Can you believe it? They are so big and growing up way too fast. Sophie is on the left, Lily on the right. They are 9 months old. Sophie weighs 18 lbs, and Lily a hefty 20! They LOVE food!!! Aren't their little mohawks so cute?

This is me on a trip I just went on with Dan. It was my first break from the kids since the twins were born. I went with him to Manchester, England. It was no Rome or Geneva, but it was nice to have a short break, and I got to sit in first class. He let me help him with the pre-flight and I got to push a few buttons, it was pretty cool.
I don't have a great recent shot of Ellie, but I thought this one was fitting, we all have spring fever, and she's taken to riding her bike around the circle in the house as a way to have fun. Ellie loves her sisters and is a good helper for mom. She is very into painting and playing stickers. She says the funniest things. Last weekend when we were in St George we went climbing. She had fun bouldering around on the rocks but was sad that she couldn't climb the big walls like mom and dad. I asked her if she wanted a harness so that she could climb with us. She said, "Yes, I want a pink one." Then I asked if she wanted the fancy shoes to help her climb too. She said, "Yes mom, I want every fancy thing." Gotta love the diva!!!
It's snowing today, it really stinks. I sure can't wait to get out into the garden and mow the lawn!
Here's a single of Sophie with her long eyelashes and sweet smile. She is so curious. She stands up on everything and loves to tear things apart. She has become quite a mama's girl, and I kind of like it. She is so funny and loves to be tickled. This little character is the lovely Lily. She has a little tuft of hair in the front that I like to play with sometimes. She is a big tease. Isn't that smile intoxicating.
These two are all over the place. I just love watching them grow even if it is way way too fast. They are super fun at meal times. They will eat anything! They play pat-a-cake and love to throw their hands in the air when I say "throw it in the oven." They also lean to the side when I say Awwww. It's so funny. Meal time is a very happy time at our house.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I sure wish I could figure out how to run this blog better, but I'm technologically challenged, so my pictures aren't in the order I would like. This is Sophie in costume #1 that she wore to the ward party. She is Holly Hobby. This is the actual dress from the Holly Hobby doll my Grandma Ruby gave me for my second or third birthday. I always wanted to do this to one of my children, and I did!
Ellie was a beautiful butterfly she wore this to the ward party and for Holloween. She kept saying she wanted to be a Horse or a Doggy, but the make-up and sparles convinced her to wear the costume that I borrowed from cousin Adri. Adorable!
Sophie and Lily needed to be warm for the stroller ride. Here they are as mice. They pretty much slept through the whole thing, but aren't they wonderful!
My three beautiful girls! And Ellie is that happy, she loves here sisters. How fun to be a mom!
This is Lily as a baby doll. I am pretty sure the dress is one that my mom gave me from her cedar chest. The hat was Kandy's (my sister) when she was a baby. Mom said she had Kandy wear it all the time to cover her bald head. Lily, the angel baby let me paint her cheeks up like a baby doll, Sophie was having none of that.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Family

Dan, cuddling with the twins when they were still tiny. I'll have to have him do it again with them now and re-post so you can see how huge they are getting.
Ellie cuddling with Lily. She loves her sisters.
Us on a hike in the Wellsvilles. Dan has Lily. Ellie hiked by herself almost the whole time. Dan had the big backpack on for the just in case Ellie gets tired situation. We went on a geo-hunt and found a little fake turtle. Ellie loved it.
They even coordinate their moves!
I love this one of Lily. She is smiling so big, she is such a happy baby. She loves to sport the mohawk.

Yes, we are alive, just in survival mode, plus my computer has been ruined forever and is supposed to be getting fixed. The twins have acid reflux, but we have medicine for them now, and they are angels to put to sleep. They're sleeping through the night for the most part, especially Lily, and are so adorable. My daydreams of babies in the pack-n-play on the side of the rock wall are just that though, dreams. It's all I can do to get the dishes done between feeds. Not a lot of extra time for fun. Oh well, babies are almost as fun as rocks, and I get to do it 24/7. This is a new phase in my life, and I plan to enjoy it and treasure it as much as possible. Everything that is worth while is worth working for!

Monday, July 6, 2009

summer fun

Playing dress-up with baby twin girls. They are like little dolls. The head bands are still a little on the large side, but we had fun anyway.

One day all the neighbors were over and played in the water, it was super fun summer time joy!

Here's Ellie and the neighbor Will. Don't they look so cute sun-bathing.

On our first outing with the stroller and the baby sisters, Ellie felt left out, so she squeezed in between the babies. How cute is that?

Here's an awesome shot of my grandma feet. They stayed like this for about a week then slowly went down and were pretty much back to normal after 11 days.

Our stroller came in a big box of popcorn styrofoams which Missy, Mandy, and Ellie played in and then proceeded to make a mess in the yard with. Fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

At home with twins!

Well, life is indeed crazy. I never imagined the kind of time it would take to try to feed these little ones. I feel like a cow, but it will get better. Dan is truly amazing. He's turned very domestic. He does all the laundry, dishes, diapers, baths, Ellie to bed. He never sits down, even when he has a chance, he's tidy-ing up the house. He actually gets restless like me now if he is sitting. I can't believe how completely he has stepped up to the plate. Last night when I was so tired I couldn't see straight, he burped and bathed the babies after I fed them, put them to bed, cleaned the house - including vacuuming, bathed and put Ellie to bed, and still managed to check on me, bring me pain pills and make sure I was okay. I just have to brag about my wonderful thoughtful amazing husband for a bit. I love him more and more each day. I am so lucky to have a partner like him in all of this.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Photos... Yea!!!

Here is a shot of Sophie the smiler. She is full of personality, and probably a little gas.

Here are the girls ready to come home from the hospital. Lily Anne is in pink, and Sophie Jane is in blue.

Here's a good view in the darling blankets my mom made for them. You can see the differences really well in this photo. Sophie on the left had Dan's grown-up nose and skinny cheeks, her hair is thick and dark. Lily has Dan's baby nose and chubby cheeks. Her hair is thinner and lighter than Sophie's. They both have blue eyes. Good luck ever seeing Lily's eyes though, they're almost always closed.

Here's the proud daddy right after delivery. He was the best coach ever. He was so sweet and patient during my 20 hours of labor. I swear I had to make him reposition me every 15 minutes. He was as sweet as the bag of smarties he ate all day.

Now there's one happy excited big sister. I think she's holding Lily in this photo, but it's too small to see the details.

Here was my first view of the babes while I was still on the OR table getting stitched back up. Sophie Jane is on the left. Lily Anne is on the right. It was a relief to give them names so my mom could finally quit trying to come up with ridiculous names. Unfortunately she continues to make up nick names. Silly Grandma.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Here are the belly shots:

I really want to have these pictures in order from Feb. to now, but it's been so long since I've posted that I've forgotten how to do everything. I decided you'd all rather see the photos than have me spend all day and then give up. This first one was taken yesterday, May 24th. I'm 34 weeks along. About a month ago I measured 40 weeks for a single pregnancy. Last Wed. at the ultrasound they said baby A was 6 lbs. 1 oz, and baby B was 5 lbs. 6 oz. That's 11 1/2 pounds of baby. Holy cow!

Here's my brave bare belly shot on May 12th at 32 weeks 3 days. Crazy. I continue to be amazed that there are still no stretch marks. Here's hoping.

This was long long ago when I was kind of enjoying the pregnancy. This was taken clear back in February, the 26th to be exact. Ahh the good old days when sleeping was possible!

This is my March picture, the 27th. I was still able to wear the comfortable maternity jeans. I thought I was tired and uncomfortable then. Ha ha!
This was April 17th. We got to go up in a small airplane, it was awesome, but I got really sick to my stomach and the seats were uncomfortable. We went to a BBQ before the ride and people kept asking me when I was due. This is when I had to start explaining in the first few words that I was having twins.

Well, I hope you enjoy the freak show that is my belly. I don't know if I'll post again before the babies are born. I'm really hoping for next week, but the doctore says he still won't start me until the 15th of June. My only hope is some home remedy form of inducing labor. I'll let you know.