Friday, February 20, 2009

We've had a few requests for pregnant Holly pictures. She seems to finally be over the nausea stage, but really has to be careful not to over eat. Just a few extra bites can make the difference between feeling great, and feeling sick.

Holly's belly is really growing quickly, and she'll be at 21 weeks tomorrow (Saturday). The first picture was taken on the 2nd of February, the other two just over two weeks later on the 19th of February. As you can see, quite a difference!

Holly probably could add volumes to all of this, but she's upstairs taking a nap right now, so this will have to do. And yes, that is a potato in Holly's hand in the second pic. Yummy potatoes and gravy!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Trip to Oslo:

We got to see some kind of army or national guard. They were just standing here by the palace. We walked through the middle of them. It was a Sunday. I don't know what they were doing.

We walked a couple miles to a really cool sculpture park. It was huge. All the Norweigans were there playing in the snow with their kids. There were even a few accordian players out and about. It was kind of cold, but I guess they're even more used to it than we are.

This is the street we walked down toward the park. There were tons of cool old houses along the way. Really neat architecuture, like all of Europe. I wonder what real estate is like over there!

Holly standing in front of the palace. It's not the Louvre, but it was pretty cool.

I haven't posted forever because I think it takes too much time, but this was really fast. I should do it more often. Also, as an update, for those of you who I haven't sent a text to or called, I'm having two girls. It was very surprising since I was sure I'd see a little penis at the ultrasound, but Dan and I couldn't be happier. We are however accepting wedding donations and or collections of shot guns to ward of potential suitors in about 18 years. In the lyrical words of ABBA, we need money, money, money... Guess it's time to follow the prophet and start trying to practice the principles of self-reliance and provident living.
p.s. Look for future posts of my ever growing belly. I've taken a few shots, just none I like well enough to post. They're growing - fast - my skin is streeeetching!!! Yea cocoa butter.