Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Photos... Yea!!!

Here is a shot of Sophie the smiler. She is full of personality, and probably a little gas.

Here are the girls ready to come home from the hospital. Lily Anne is in pink, and Sophie Jane is in blue.

Here's a good view in the darling blankets my mom made for them. You can see the differences really well in this photo. Sophie on the left had Dan's grown-up nose and skinny cheeks, her hair is thick and dark. Lily has Dan's baby nose and chubby cheeks. Her hair is thinner and lighter than Sophie's. They both have blue eyes. Good luck ever seeing Lily's eyes though, they're almost always closed.

Here's the proud daddy right after delivery. He was the best coach ever. He was so sweet and patient during my 20 hours of labor. I swear I had to make him reposition me every 15 minutes. He was as sweet as the bag of smarties he ate all day.

Now there's one happy excited big sister. I think she's holding Lily in this photo, but it's too small to see the details.

Here was my first view of the babes while I was still on the OR table getting stitched back up. Sophie Jane is on the left. Lily Anne is on the right. It was a relief to give them names so my mom could finally quit trying to come up with ridiculous names. Unfortunately she continues to make up nick names. Silly Grandma.


Dawn and Chase said...

Yay! Baby pictures! I am so excited to see them again!

Alisa and Casey said...

amazing! I need more! I guess I'll have to come up and check them out.

Deidra said...
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Deidra said...

ohhhhh....they are so cute and sweet! I am so happy for you that they are both healthy and that it is over with! I hope to get to come and see them soon. Let me know if you need anything. Love ya, Deid

Erin said...

I am so excited for you guys! How are you handling life with twins? I hope you are getting enough rest :)

They are just beautiful. Breathtaking. All three of them. Congratulations!

Tyler and Katie said...

Oh, my they are huge! You did so great. But as for the nursing twins, I am the wrong one to ask, I tried something new every week, I won't be writing a book on it anytime soon.

Amanda said...

Oh my! Both so adorable. Congrats to you & your family. That is gonna be one drama filled house! :)

A whole bag of Smarties? Could Dan & Shane be friends? He loves Smarties. Yuck...give me chocolate.

Thanks for posting pics...we have been anxiously waiting.

Ericka said...

I am so glad you posted these...I swear I have been checking your blog almost every day since you had them! I can't wait to see them in person! So cute. And Ellie looks so happy as well! She is going to be a great big sister! Hope your recovery is going well! See you soon (hopefully)!

Denise said...

They're really beautiful. We are so happy to have them in the family!