Saturday, October 31, 2009


I sure wish I could figure out how to run this blog better, but I'm technologically challenged, so my pictures aren't in the order I would like. This is Sophie in costume #1 that she wore to the ward party. She is Holly Hobby. This is the actual dress from the Holly Hobby doll my Grandma Ruby gave me for my second or third birthday. I always wanted to do this to one of my children, and I did!
Ellie was a beautiful butterfly she wore this to the ward party and for Holloween. She kept saying she wanted to be a Horse or a Doggy, but the make-up and sparles convinced her to wear the costume that I borrowed from cousin Adri. Adorable!
Sophie and Lily needed to be warm for the stroller ride. Here they are as mice. They pretty much slept through the whole thing, but aren't they wonderful!
My three beautiful girls! And Ellie is that happy, she loves here sisters. How fun to be a mom!
This is Lily as a baby doll. I am pretty sure the dress is one that my mom gave me from her cedar chest. The hat was Kandy's (my sister) when she was a baby. Mom said she had Kandy wear it all the time to cover her bald head. Lily, the angel baby let me paint her cheeks up like a baby doll, Sophie was having none of that.


Jill said...

they are all adorable! How fun to have 3 girls. I'm jealous. The butterfly costume is so cute! I don't remember Adri wearing that.

Ericka said...

Oh I am so glad you posted these! I love the mice costumes on the twins but they look great as baby dolls too! Ellie is such a cute the hair!

Denise said...

I love it. The girls look so cute.

Angie said...

Holly, They are completly adorable! You are such a fun mom!!! I can tell you are having a blast dressing them up and doing the twinner thing! Love Ya